Moonshine, IL

Moonshine Lunch Run

It's Been a Great Run

As an annual, organized event, the Moonshine Lunch Run is in the history books. April 14, 2018 was the final installment. Moonshine lived and grew over 14 years, cementing its unique spot in the souls of long‐distance riders from across America, Canada and some foreign countries, too. During those 14 years, all of us grew older. Some of us passed. The world moved a little farther down the road.

So rewind for a moment to 2004. You'll recall that's when Terry Hammond, our motorcycle‐riding farmer friend, founded the Moonshine Lunch Run. Back then, Terry invited riders to make the run to the Moonshine Store to join him for a Moonburger, in early April. Why then‐and why way out here? Because he wanted to meet riders before the start of farming season. A few riders found their way to Moonshine that first time. In the years that followed, the word spread and crowds grew.

If you asked the people who rode a long distance on a motorcycle to Moonshine why they rode hundreds or thousands of miles to the middle of nowhere, that time of year, through crazy weather and all manner of hazards, their first response might be, "To eat a hamburger." But talk with them a bit longer and you'd soon realize it wasn’t really burgers that made this annual gathering exceptional. It was time spent with the other riders who made the same effort and overcame their own challenges to get to Moonshine, that time of year.

Yes, the final run to Moonshine is behind us, and that’s OK. It was time. But you should know that the Moonshine Store isn’t going anywhere. The Tuttle family still serves Moonburgers 6:00am and 1:00pm. (The grill closes at 12:30 sharp... kindly turn off the light if you’re the last to leave.)

So set up a lunch run with your own bunch of riding buddies, whether it's to Moonshine or another place that takes some effort to find. As long as long-distance riders keep Terry’s special kind of fellowship alive, the Moonshine idea continues as ever. ‐ Scott ‘Bones’ Williams

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And remember Terry's famous words...

If you don't make it to Moonshine,,, you ain't a Motorcycle Rider,,, you're just a Motorcycle Owner!!!

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